Thursday, September 24, 2009

An update

I was told by my brother that I do not update this enough. He cites my lack of musing as to why my parents never know when I have written something. So to show them all I am going to post 2 days in this week. Is that enough?

I have decided to give names to all of my family members.

My parents shall be known as Banana (dad) and Cantaloupe ( mom). The reasoning behind these names is that dad always eats the mushy bananas to prove that they are still good and edible and that they should not be thrown out. Mom just likes cantaloupe.

My oldest sister who also blogs (and who my parents follow faithfully) shall be known as papaya, just cause i like the sound of that fruit.

My brother and his wife shall be grapefruit and kiwi respectively.

My next oldest sister shall be a strawberry because she loves them so.

One of my dearest girl friends and cousin who has long blond hair and no decorating taste (you know who you are) shall be pomegranate.

And the last one for now will be another cousin who I have much fun with cause he is rather entertaining shall be pineapple.

That is all for now because I have some studying to do.

Oh & papaya you should be quite pleased now since you had requested a name.

Later Days

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