Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beginning of Fall

Ah, the beginning of fall. How blissful. Yesterday, as I trudged off to school, I felt the nip of the air and smelled leaves. At that moment, I knew fall had arrived. It was an uplifting thought, since I had a strong desire to skip school and sleep/read all day. However, my dear friends, the thought of fall made me joyous again. I have always loved fall. I love hoodies and slippers, sweaters and cocoa, flannel sheets and hot soup. I love sitting indoors reading by a lamp. But what I love most about fall is what comes after...winter and with winter comes Christmas break. I absolutely love Christmas break because it means many a get-together with family, NO SCHOOL, free time, NO SCHOOL, lazy days all week long, and finally, NO SCHOOL.

Is it bad that I already want to start a count down for the end of this semester? Sometimes I just feel bored. I want to get out there and DO something- not just read about it in a text book. I understand that there must be preparation, but does it have to take to long? *sigh* Maybe I'm supposed to learn patience and perseverance--even if I don't feel like it.

On a much happier note than the previous paragraph, I got my first test back. I got a 97% because I missed one question. I am perfectly happy with that because I had no idea what the answer was so I took a stab...and was wrong...but its a 97%--who cares that I guessed wrong? I will see my next test in about 2 hours...the one from Marvin's class. I really hope it went well. Sheila doesn't want me to look at her when we get them back. She says I'll laugh at her. I don't think I would. This class is way too hard for me to laugh at someone messing up. In my other class I would mock you- in Marvin's never.

Speaking of Marvin, I must study for that class. It requires so much attention. So without much ado,
Later Days, blendy

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