Thursday, July 29, 2010

the unplanned day

day 3

Today we had zero plans. Today we did whatever we felt like. Today we drove through a really sketchy downtown.We started our day by heading to Lake Erie. We found this local lighthouse and went to check it out. It was probably the funniest thing ever. It was like someone looked at it and said, "Hey, let's try to make money by charging people a ridiculous fee." It cost $7 to tour the lighthouse, but you couldn't wear flip flops or sandals. This was something they forgot to mention
on the website. You could walk around the grounds for free, but Becks and I felt weird cause there were workers watching us. On the upside, leaving the lighthouse right away led us to an adorable little park with a path down the the shore. It was not a tourist attraction, but it was very nice for a local place to hang out, as many locals did.
We then started our drive back to our town. We had a gorgeous drive along the lake and we stopped for lunch at a cute little town that had a coffee shop/cafe. After filling out bellies, we continued on our way.

In the town we are currently staying in there is a chocolate shop that Becky found online. However, there was road construction and we couldn't find it. This is a fact that I can happily live with because that downtown was totally scary. It was kinda run down and shabby looking. Needless to say, we headed back to the hotel. We then found a dollar theater and saw Killers. * note: I do NOT recommend this movie. I had been curious about it, and genuinely wanted to see it. However, it was a little confusing and had a stupid end.

Tonight we will plan our tomorrow which includes leaving PA and heading back to Ohio.

Mams, here's my shout out to you. Love ya!

later days,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

same song second verse

day 2 part 2

We finally left our hotel around 11 after Becky had quite the ordeal of booking a room. We decided to forget about going to Canada (we have been into part of it before) and we just moved on to PA and NY. We're staying in PA but close to the boarder so it won't be hard to go somewhere in NY, because who doesn't want to go to NY?
It was a day of driving for Becky today. I pretty much slept and talked to her. So our reactions on getting to our destination were quite different.I did get some cool pictures as we drove through Cleveland.

Once we reached out hotel we just relaxed...which was AMAZING. The best part is that we are staying up later because we don't have to travel really far tomorrow.

For the mams, here are the promised pictures.

And I'm sleepy so I'm gonna go now.

later days,

What time is it? 9 o'clock. Who's not up yet? Becky

day 2

Isn't it nice to be able to count days of a road trip? I think so. Anyway, as previously specified by my sister, I awoke at 8 this morning so that I could shower and wake her up so that we could hopefully leave the hotel 2 hours later. I was out of the shower by 8:30, which was pretty good considering that I was groggy enough to try to put face wash into my hair.

I didn't post very much last night because the computer started glitching on me. After I uploaded the photos, I couldn't get my cursor back. Moral of the story: write all that you want to say, THEN go back and upload the photos into their appropriate places.

Our drive yesterday really went well. We had no troubles until 40 miles from our designated resting place. Becky's low tire light came on, but upon investigation it appears to have been a glitch. We tested all of the tires with Becky's handy green tire gauge and found them all to be within the levels of pressure which dad told us was acceptable. So we'll check today before we leave (at 10???) but I am confident that it will be fine. The only other time we had trouble was when we got lost trying to find the hotel. However, Becky's amazing abilities to picture the layout of towns in her head (this truly is quite spectacular) saved us by magically finding the hotel in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Great news! Becky just got up! I now have hopes for a 10:30 departure. Which means that I must stop blogging and start getting ready/repacking my stuff.

If there is wireless Internet tonight, I'll tell you about our day once again.

Later Days,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today is the first official day of my road trip with Becky. We are headed to a wedding at the end of the week and decided to turn it into an excuse for a full-fledged vacation. Today went rather well, we only got lost once and for about 7 minutes. We had a really late lunch in order to visit a chick-fil-a. And we called mom at least 10 times so that she was privy to our whereabouts. Speaking of mom, here are some pictures of our hotel room that Becky snagged super cheap from Priceline: