Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take that Louisa!

So my dear sister, I have read your blog and am slightly offended. You say that I have finally updated my blog (which is true) but you make it sound like I never write on it (which may also be true). Anyway, I am updating again...in the same week! So there.

I just finished a PowerPoint presentation for one of my classes and am now looking for a break. Since I am still stuck at my school, there is a pressure on my brain that I just want to slough off and run away from. I am tired of school. I truly am. I want to be finished, free, and blissfully ignorant of all things academic. (Except for reading...I am really looking forward to reading numerous books this summer. I've already started a list. First up, finish Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens- that book is a beast!) Anyway, be prepared for ramblings. To begin:
  • How on earth do they pick the color of the text when you hyper-link to something? How do you change it?
  • Don't you love staying up late? I was up until almost 2 last night and it was marvelous. My favorite part is when I am walking up to my house that late. It is so still and quite and just plain gorgeous.
  • I have been debating about using people's real first names. Honestly, I can't remember the fruit names that I gave people and I don't really want to look back. But I kinda feel like I could be giving away their identities...so we'll see. I kinda like calling my oldest sister Louisa though. It is rather amusing to me. We'll see what I feel like.
  • I am saddened and dismayed that KU is not going all the way. I know they lost a while ago, but I am still sad. I think my cousin jinxed it when he put Kansas State to win it all...not even right.

Okay, I need to read a book for one of my classes. So I will leave this place of writing bliss to go back to the deep despair of annoying school work. Farewell, creativity! I must leave you for monotony.

Later Days,


p.s. Yes, I stole Louisa's format of bulleting on purpose.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

a Sunday with my sis

So last night my old high school had a fundraiser. My older sister, whom I shall refer to as Louisa for the sheer pleasure of it, had to help. We had planned to watch a movie after it was over, but she had to work at it until almost 11 p.m. Therefore, I packed my things and enjoyed a sleep-over at my sister's. The movie was sick. Never ever ever ever ever watch I Hate Valentine's Day. It is a disgrace to movies everywhere. We didn't even make it the whole way through...I think like half an hour. I was truly sad that Nia Vardalos would make such a horrible movie. I actually liked her from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She just smiled WAY too much in the Valentine's Day movie and was just too weird...and stupid. Her character was the classic hero(ine) that is supposed to be lovable, yet operates under a fallacy that, in the end, will be dispelled so that he or she may ride off into the sunset of Hollywood bliss. Sometimes, if the movie is done correctly, this plot is okay. This time, it was definitely not.

Anyway, back to me and Louisa. After we decided to ditch the DVD, we just flipped around on TV until Louisa went to bed. I stayed up about two hours later. I found Overboard, a older but cute movie and 10 Things I Hate About You (the television show). It was rather fun, but I was a little tired today for church, so probably not the best plan to stay up late. But church was packed! The children were performing today for Palm Sunday and they only did their program in the second service. After church we went to Walmart and bought some stuff, whether needed or not. We came back, cleaned her apartment, took a walk and enjoyed a delicious supper...which I made. French dip sandwiches and fries- yummy. Then she introduced me to Firefly, an odd but interesting show. And now I am writing while my mom (who showed up recently) and Louisa watch Nebraska basketball game. I am not that into sports so needless to say, I have been on the computer. I watched a House and made a new station on Pandora. Boy, you have to love computers and the internet.

What we have learned today, is that
1. I apparently have a fascination with hyper-linking
2. I will ramble about anything
3. Louisa is a fun name to say even if the person you apply it to does not have that name