Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the suggestion of one of my dear friends, I am going to give people I know new names for the sake of this blog & probably my sanity. If I ever tried to reference more than one of them at once it would probably get rather difficult. Therefore I would like to introduce you to my supporting cast: Marvin is the guy who went off about pets in one of my classes( I mentioned that on the last post.) Interesting guy- I hope you have a chance to meet him, but that you don't have to stay too long; it could get weird. Sheila is one of my best friends who I have known for what feels like forever. Truth be told I picked Sheila because she is the antithesis of anyone I have ever known who has that name :D but I digress. Pete and Amanda are the cute couple from my high school who attend here and are dating. They make me smile, though I sometimes want to smack Pete. And finally, Addison is the one person who will probably be in here the most. We carpool and have many of the same classes. She is sweet and I gave her that name because she thinks it is a cute little girl name even though it literally means "son of Adam." That is my short list of supporting characters. I will probably add to it as time goes on.

Oh wait. I thought of two more. Mafia and Burt. They are in Marvin's class with me. Strange- that is all there is to say- strange. But I'm sure I will have stories later.

For the second time today,
Later days from Blendy


  1. Um...sure? But I'll do family later. I'm thinking about doing fruit for you guys. How do you feel about the name Papaya?