Tuesday, February 2, 2010

School time again

I got the blues. I'm going to call them the "I have no social life and a couple of papers due" blues. Last semester I had classes with friends from high school every day. This semester I see one of my old posse once a week. Its just plain odd. But on a happier note I am applying to colleges that I am thinking about transferring to in the fall. I can't wait to get to a college where I won't have to think about where I'll be going next. Seriously, it makes making friends at a Community College seem almost pointless. After this semester, chances are I will never see these people again (except of course, my high school buddies who I will see at least every 5 to 10 years at reunions.) Everyone here is going to transfer somewhere else! And I am not looking at the same schools as others. Most of them are going to transfer to UNK - I probably will not. It is not that I am discourteous to these people...I actually like some of the people that I have classes with...its just that I'm not going to try to make any of them my next best bud because we won't be able to hang out or really know the same people after this. Our lives will split and we will go down different roads. What's the point of putting down roots when you're just going to rip them up again in a few months? This is why I am blue. OK. Maybe I am being a little dramatic. But who doesn't need to be dramatic at least once in a while? Today will be my day. I shall fake cry and try to look forlorn all day. (k. not really...I'll probably have a fine day...just like yesterday. Like I said...I'm being dramatic.)

Oh, side note: I will be attending a wedding this weekend of one of my high school classmates...and we graduated last spring...so not even a full year out... and one of us is getting married...that's just crazy.

Well I'm going to go cheer up now. Maybe I should stop typing in a blue color. That's better. Well I got some stuff to study before class.

Blendy OUT!

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