Sunday, January 24, 2010

At long last, I write again.

Well, I am sitting in my sister's apartment and I cannot quite recall what I wrote about last. We are watching Emma on Masterpiece Theater. I shall now recap. The second semester of my community college career has begun and it is going tolerably well. I am in a Calculus class that I like quite well. However, it is hard to be motivated for some of my other classes. I have one prof who is so disorganized and so random in his teaching style that the students have a rather difficult time understanding what it is that they are to do. He really does perplex me quite often. Anyway, I must soon begin the arduous task of looking for somewhere to transfer. 'sigh' I suppose it must be done at some point. It just sounds so tedious.

Well that's all for now because talking about a college search just makes me sad.

Later Days,

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