Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old friends, new contemplations

So on this lovely end of the week a few friends ( two, more specifically) and I went to a college to visit an old high school friend's college and to consider that college as a future place of residence. It was really fun to meet the people that I had heard so much about and to see the campus and try to place all of the stories that I have heard. So now to the new contemplations. I had previously been interested in this college, but I had decided against it. On this trip, however, I decided to give it another try. Enter the indecision. At some points of the trip I was just thinking 'never....ever.' But then later I was all like 'maybe?' Who knows. I think that my parents and I need to have a good old fashioned pow-wow. At meeting of the minds, if you will. I halfway want to just take a year off and go to Oregon and become a baker or Batista by day and a writer by night. It could be a year of adventure....but one that I'm 99% sure that my parents would NEVER go for. Maybe I could try it for a summer? Or I could just visit for like a week or two. Please? K. I know better. I should just stay home, work, and maybe take an on-line class. Continue my education and hope that I can figure out what I want to do. Oh well...anyway back to the visit. It has been absolutely marvelous to see my old chum :) The campus was okay and Campus Crusade was ...interesting. I like some of it and wasn't a big fan of the other. It was nothing against the people; I just wasn't a big fan and I'm not sure why. Except for the ending song. That was amazing. We sang "Sanctuary" a capella and it was just beautiful and heartfelt. Parts-good parts=AMAZING!
Anyway, I should get ready for a movie we are going to watch and go to bed so that I can get up tomorrow so we can leave.

Later Days,

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