Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome Surprises

Surprises... aren't they just great? Today I had two lovely ones. When I was walking to my car after work I heard the bird that has a whistle that sounds like its saying "Bob White." That made me smile. I instantly flashed back to playing outside with my siblings and my grandmother's house and my mom telling us about the bird that was singing a man's name.

The other pleasant surprise was the new templates on Blogger! HURRAY! I'm going to be honest, they were boring when I first signed up for a blog...and I think they have been new for a while, but... I haven't checked in. Tee hee. My bad.

Anyway, I can't write very much because my sister and mom are WAY too loud. The NBA Finals are on and they are each rooting for an opposing team.

Later Days,

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