Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take that Louisa!

So my dear sister, I have read your blog and am slightly offended. You say that I have finally updated my blog (which is true) but you make it sound like I never write on it (which may also be true). Anyway, I am updating again...in the same week! So there.

I just finished a PowerPoint presentation for one of my classes and am now looking for a break. Since I am still stuck at my school, there is a pressure on my brain that I just want to slough off and run away from. I am tired of school. I truly am. I want to be finished, free, and blissfully ignorant of all things academic. (Except for reading...I am really looking forward to reading numerous books this summer. I've already started a list. First up, finish Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens- that book is a beast!) Anyway, be prepared for ramblings. To begin:
  • How on earth do they pick the color of the text when you hyper-link to something? How do you change it?
  • Don't you love staying up late? I was up until almost 2 last night and it was marvelous. My favorite part is when I am walking up to my house that late. It is so still and quite and just plain gorgeous.
  • I have been debating about using people's real first names. Honestly, I can't remember the fruit names that I gave people and I don't really want to look back. But I kinda feel like I could be giving away their identities...so we'll see. I kinda like calling my oldest sister Louisa though. It is rather amusing to me. We'll see what I feel like.
  • I am saddened and dismayed that KU is not going all the way. I know they lost a while ago, but I am still sad. I think my cousin jinxed it when he put Kansas State to win it all...not even right.

Okay, I need to read a book for one of my classes. So I will leave this place of writing bliss to go back to the deep despair of annoying school work. Farewell, creativity! I must leave you for monotony.

Later Days,


p.s. Yes, I stole Louisa's format of bulleting on purpose.

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  1. Look HERE to find out how they color your links! Although, your blog probably uses a cascading style sheet, about which you can learn more by googling "CSS".