Monday, August 10, 2009

A blog of all things blendy

Ooooh...I do believe that I am giddy. I would do a happy dance right now, except that no one could see it. For several weeks now, I have greatly desired a blog. It sounded like fun. It sounded adventurous. It sounded NEW. And so, my dear, few readers (probably all of whom are family) I shall do my best to entertain, enlighten, and inform you of my doings and musings. And now, I shall commence.
I did a very depressing thing today...I bought my new college text books. It was painful and downright wrong. It was sickening to tell you the truth- I spent almost 300 dollars on 3 books! THREE! Anyway after that dark task my sister blar (that is what I call Becky sometimes- p.s. she has a blog too-Christian Chick's Thoughts) suggested that I finally fulfill my longing of about a month and get a blog. So that leaves me here- at typing to the world who probably will never realize the genius that is my randomness.
I titled this- the blog of all things blendy, not to discuss blenders and how they pulverize things in a desired fashion, but to be a marvelous intro to a blog of my views on my entering into college. I will soon begin my college career at a local community college, and well, lets face it- its gonna be just plain interesting. So I shall share with whomever whatever I feel like. So sit back and enjoy the show.
Later Days!