Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh to write a scholarhsip essay

Scholarship essays are things that will give any form of teenager sheer dread. What on earth are you supposed to say for those things? No matter what you put down, you always sound like you A) don't care or B) are a major suck up. When I finally buckle down and write something truly sincere it almost always sounds cheesy to me when I reread it. Although to family and friends it may sound truly accurate, I always feel like the random strangers who will read it to decide the fate of my financial package will get the totally wrong impression me. This state of sad frustration is where you will find me today. Today I am filling out my county's scholarship forms...or at least starting them. Okay...I'm just writing my essays. My real dilemma today is trying to explain why I am continuing my education. It's hard because...I...changed my major. I want to be a writer and so I am now going to be an English major. I've wanted to write for a while, but I had been thinking I would be a teacher...and then I really thought about what that would mean and changed my mind. How do you explain that you need money to write? How do you give your professional goals and how you are going to achieve them? "Well scholarship committee, I am going to become a writer by studying English in college and then writing...all the time....because practice makes perfect. So, you know...I need some money to pay for college....please?" I just feel like that won't go over well.

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