Wednesday, July 28, 2010

same song second verse

day 2 part 2

We finally left our hotel around 11 after Becky had quite the ordeal of booking a room. We decided to forget about going to Canada (we have been into part of it before) and we just moved on to PA and NY. We're staying in PA but close to the boarder so it won't be hard to go somewhere in NY, because who doesn't want to go to NY?
It was a day of driving for Becky today. I pretty much slept and talked to her. So our reactions on getting to our destination were quite different.I did get some cool pictures as we drove through Cleveland.

Once we reached out hotel we just relaxed...which was AMAZING. The best part is that we are staying up later because we don't have to travel really far tomorrow.

For the mams, here are the promised pictures.

And I'm sleepy so I'm gonna go now.

later days,

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